Friday, June 19, 2009

UFE Online Why It Is A Job Scam

In a prior entry below, I received a comment from someone questioning why I believe the email regarding UFE Online is fake and a scam.

In order to understand this further, I googled searched "UFE Online" which is located at the address of

One reason I know this job is fake is because this fake company uses an email address of to send correspondence involving this fake job opportunity.

Yet another reason I know this job email is a fake is because the company states they reviewed my resume online. I do not have any resume online for at least a year after I started receiving fake job offers like this one.

And finally yet another reason I see this job is fake is because it's always the same base wage jargon and then a percentage of each transaction processed which appeals to fraud in my opinion.

Also it's fraud because the wage of $2,000 monthly is tempting to those like me who are really looking for work and ready to take anything that sounds as simple as the job description.

The company offers no website, no telephone number, and no name of any person with the email sent. It's all about tempting words and money that drive individuals to be scammed like this fake company.

I would hope the legitimate company would be quite concerned over the misrepresentation of their company.

If anyone with anonymous commentators wish to enlighten me of the actual website for this company UFE Online Incorporated, I would welcome that to continue to provide unbiased information on true and legitimate job openings.

Thank you for stopping by.

As always, please be careful out there on fake job offers. The job offers might look very tempting but it's always a good idea to research the internet for more information.

I'm not necessarily saying you should rely on my website or any of my opinions and information I provide. I do it out of concern for the ones I receive and any persons who may be interested in the job offers but are not quite comfortable with the grand details about the job itself.

Any and all comments except spam are welcomed but moderated.


Anonymous said...

I also received this email, however, when I searched it, I came up with the website that actually matches what is said in the email. The HR email listed however was Sounds like a scam to me but not sure.

Anonymous said...

I also received this email. The initial post is incorrect in the web site, copy and paste to get the real one. But I still think this is chancy - probably not something I would take a chance on and I haven't thoroughly checked it out, but here is the info: St. Petersburg
29 Politechnicheskaya Str
St.Petersburg, ZIP 195251
St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel: (812) 552 - 7938
Fax: (812) 552 - 7938

Anonymous said...

I tried to use google maps to find out this address, then guess what? I couldn't find it. If the zip code is right, there must be something wrong with its city's name. Because I couldn't find St.Petersburg among this zip code.
I definitely believe that this company is fake.