Saturday, June 6, 2009

Household Textiles Trading Company Is A Fraud Job Offer

Good morning everyone, it's Saturday morning!!

Without further delay, allow me to analyze why I believe Household Textiles Trading Company's email show verbatim below is a fraud. And I welcome anyone or emails or comments from anyone who can tell me the company is completely legitimate which I found very unlikely.

First under, the about us section, we find this bit of information:

"We are an international trading company dealing on the importation and exportation of Art work and paintings to America,Canada, Australia and some other European countries.We are presently having problems handling our logistics from America and Canada as well as trying to tackle how our payments are remitted to us back here in United Kingdom .hence, we need to recruit a Book-Keeper/Representative."

Notice the company believes they have a problem handling logistics from America and Canada and tackling problems with how payments are remitted back to the United Kingdom. This really honestly just doesn't seem to ring true to me that they are having problems. Also notice the poorly written sentence with a period not spaced properly in the sentence.

Notice secondly, under about us, the company states, "We serve the entire United States/Canada and Europe and a growing Import market, particularly in the supplies of Textiles and Fabric Products. Our integrated yarn and fabric manufacturing operations use state-of-the-art equipment from the world's leading suppliers.

Now notice the company itself is changing what it actually is as a business. In the first paragraph the company states it works on imports and exports of artwork and paintings.

Suddenly as if the scammer forgot what he or she was doing changes the company's job description as a company that is concerned with importing yarn and fabric manufacturing operations.


First it's art, and then it's fabric. Sounds like the scammer decided to not know for sure what they were in the fake business of doing to me.

My email also came from a posted resume on the state of Alabama Job website like someone below who had many a similar commentary yesterday. There's no email address to follow up with the scammer nor is there an actual company website.

The alleged company website offered and a "whois" link is merely some giant website that lists companies offering a product for sale to gain exposure to the company to wary consumers.

You could get lost in that website trying to find out more information very quickly.

Take my advice, stay away from this job offer and email scam.

It's just not worth it and it's without any doubts by me 100% fake.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

I am of the same mind; I think that surely this is a fraud. I looked at their website but did not even bother taking the time to rummage around.

The BIGGEST thing that stood out to me, besides the things you mentioned above, is the fact that it asked me for my monthly income amount, which is NOT something a potential employer should care about, unless they were going to use the "automatic deposit of payments" as a way to enter your bank account and start taking fees, etc.; hence, the scam.

I don't dare get involved with a company like this without doing a lot of homework first to verify that they are legit (which, if I had pursued such a job I would have called company directly and checked with local officials to ensure their validity, at the very least).