Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anixter Scam Job Offer For Accounts Receivable Department

Below is the reason the job offer above with Anixter is fake.

Click here to read up on it and why this company is also concerned about its good name using for fraudulent purposes.

It's just amazing to me that this fraud can take place.

Be careful as always!!


Anonymous said...

I've been around the IT block a few times - trained enough innocents on spotting email scams, and this one sounded ALMOST legit - for a second or two. If the THANK YOU FOR YOUR TOTAL UNDERSTANDING line hadn't blipped my radar (I was looking for a Nigeria address), a quick Copy/Paste of the name into Google cinched it.

Also, if you aren't aware, fraudelent negotiation of checks totalling $500 or more is a FELONY in many states. And conspiracy is often just as good as the real thing!

Cory G said...

those guys tried to get me just a little bit ago today. the electrical parts co, est. 1872 was what made me laugh and I googled the key areas of the e-mail ive recieved and found this page. theyve been at it sinse 2006? you would think that they would be inteligent enough to come up with something different and not as elaborate between then and now.