Thursday, February 24, 2011

BDL International Job Scam Additional Information

Here's some additional information related to my research on the scam of BDL International and the scam itself. A reader emailed me to inquire why I felt the job was a scam. And I do fully admit in an earlier post, I didn't give a lot of information on why I felt this job was a scam.

Below is my email back to him I sent last night:

Thank you for your email back. I admit I should give additional information on why I believe certain emails are a scam and I will try to show that to you in my email back to you. I personally do not want to actually pursue something that sounds unbelievably fake to me. Here are some reasons I believe this job to not be truthful.

(1) The job description is not clear nor precise. It is very generic.

(2) Attempts to email them for a telephone number, website or any other additional information regarding the company were not returned. I stated to them I felt this was not a legitimate job and I wanted to give the company an opportunity to give something that would help me to know the company was legitimate. The company only responded for me to provide them with my name, social security number, address, work address,home telephone number, cell telephone number, and work history and current employer.

(3) This company says they "selected" my CV even though I do not have any resume online for review by anybody.

If you go to the online tool, www.whoisnet, you can type in the last part of the domain name for the email they give to respond to them on the job description which is Just enter under the whois to find out who owns the domain.

You can copy and paste the URL below if you want to see it:

You will see the information below:

Registrant: Name: William ViveirosOrganization: William S. ViveirosAddress: 279 Lodgeville RoadCity: MinneapolisProvince/state: MNCountry: usPostal Code: 55415Administrative Contact:
Name: William ViveirosOrganization: William S. ViveirosAddress: 279 Lodgeville RoadCity: MinneapolisProvince/state: MNCountry: usPostal Code: 55415Phone: +1.6122810280Fax: +1.6122810280
Email: WilliamSViveiros@vivious.netTechnical Contact:Name: William ViveirosOrganization: William S. ViveirosAddress: 279 Lodgeville RoadCity: Minneapolis
Province/state: MNCountry: usPostal Code: 55415Nameserver Information:
Create: 2010-10-18 21:52:40Update: 2010-11-17Expired: 2011-10-18

A lot of this information is not relevant but it does show a name of the person who supposedly registered this domain as a William Viveiros. His address on the registration is listed as 279 Lodgeville Road, Minneapolis, MN 55415. I tried to find this address in google maps and the service told me the address could not be found. Then I tried just Lodgeville Road, Minneapolis, MN and still found no results. I then googled the physical address on to see if there was any relevant information about this address showing in Minneapolis, MN but I could find nothing. Then I went to and tried the same thing thinking perhaps maybe google maps just didn't have it. I experienced the same thing when searching in the same manner under Mapquest. I also tried using yahoo maps and it could not find the address either.

I also emailed to the owner of the domain, William Viveiros using the email address he provided in the registration as for telling him I wanted to validate the company and he showed as the person who registered it. I asked him if he had names or telephone numbers he could provide to me so I could call the company to ask additional questions of the position.

I received nothing back from this individual.

I guess I could call that individual since his cell phone number is listed on the registration of that domain. But I also don't want to call him and give him a cell phone number of mine either.

These reasons give me cause to believe the company is non existent and the job is a scam to obtain personal information from you to commit fraud. With a social security number, name and address, I know fraud could happen and probably pretty easily.

I don't believe there is any government agency that investigates companies that appear to be fraudulent. For one reason, the company location itself is never mentioned in the original email. I rely only a strong internal belief from this emails to know they are not reputable companies. If I had the energy I could probably investigate it further but I really don't want to risk my exposure to fraud to prove beyond any doubt the company is fraud.

And I do agree with you, I hear others write and say it is a fraud but nobody actually has posted they've been defrauded by the company. I can't answer why nobody has volunteered that information either.

I hope this helps a bit. It's not my intent to ruin the good standings of companies offering legitimate employment. But usually with job offers that are so generic with job descriptions and where you can't obtain any information whatsoever on the company when you email them back, or the email addresses change on what they send to others that volunteer it on my blog, I can't just praise a job that doesn't appear to be a job whatsoever.

Wouldn't you think a legitimate company would be more than willing to share information about themselves to someone?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I really understand the way you have taken time to check the validity of the company. Dont give them personal information. They are job scammer