Monday, February 7, 2011

Kristin Walker Senior Supply Manager Job Scam

The fake job offers continue to come into my main email account. Here's yet another one of the fake job offers from someone unrelated to the email address you reply back to with your resume. I thought about sending in a fake resume but then I realized it's not really worth the effort to fight with the scammers.

Here's that verbatim email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Castor Calderon []
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 6:18 AM
Subject: Employment opportunity ; (id \ XRFPFEVPI)..

Good day.

My name is Kristin Walter, I work for a Global Consulting company. Our company is seeking for a Senior Supply Manager.
We are more than 1450 people in 72 countries and work with clients in nearly every major industry worldwide. We major in Financial Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Sciences and HR Management

Now, we are looking for a Senior Supply Manager to be based in the USA.

Position name is: Senior Supply Manager
Salary: $60 000
Timing: Full-time
Location: in each state

Main Responsibilities of a Senior Supply Manager:

- Work closely with vendors to maximize sales and increase profitability;
- Overall responsibility for ensuring domestic and international customers receive products on time
- Work with international Supply-Chain Management team for global supply solutions
- Set up, manage and optimize contracting and procurement activities /processes
- Give timely and effective reports;

Successfull candidates will have:
- Excellent managerial and diplomatic skills with highly effective communication and negotiation skills;
- Computer knowledge
- Ability to co-ordinate work activities at all levels and across the business
- Ability to interact with outside customers in a professional manner
- Credit score over 650 and no criminal background
- US Citizenship
- Undergraduate degree

If you are highly motivated and looking for a great career opportunity , please respond with your resume attached.

Anyone else have any dealings with this company?


Anonymous said...

I received the same email this morning except for the name was roanda richards

Anonymous said...

I received exactly the same today.

Anonymous said...

I was not familiar w/ this scam. I was recently laid off. I sent out my resume to many recruiters and applied to virtually every job board. I rec'd the same email thinking it was a recruiter. At first, I was a little leery, but responded anyway. I searched on google and could not find anything on this. My desperation clouded my judgement. Spoke to Emma Karlsson from JV Consulting (a Finnish company) for a couple weeks. Had a phone interview, checked out the website and everything seemed legit until I came across this blog. I feel like a dope but what a relief!!! Thanks a million for posting the warning.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. I went as far as a phone interview and got offered the position. Before signing and returning their employment contract I found this Scam Report. Thank you. It seemed too good to be true. I asked them for vendor references and someone in the U.S. that I could speak with. Haven't heard back since. Checked out the domain Reg. and it's registered in Nassau, Bahamas, not Helsinki, Finland.

Anonymous said...

I just received the same thing from Mika Tarvainen, HR manager, now I'm hired and the Senior Project Manager, Peter Yansen wrote this: My name is Peter Yansen, I'm Senior Project manager of "ISOdesign" Agency.I will help you to join our team and and handle the first projects. Here is detailed description of Supply manager position. Salary: Salary is $5500 per month. Paid by check every two weeks.Additional Commission 3% from every purchased product. Bonuses: You'll receive an iphone or Blackberry as soon as you get the first payment. As soon as you provide equipment for our company on sum $30.000, we'll provide MacBook Profor your personal use. So if we move according our plan you will receive your MacBook Pro in a two weeks. May be earlier. Right now we are taking decision about company vehicle for our managers. Will keep you posted about it. Equipment: Among your duties is getting necessary equipment for our company. Office equipment, complex optical photo and video equipment. First of all I'll send you a list of necessary equipment and you'll have to find the best place to get that equipment, with the best price and the best delivery options. Financial Flow: We'll give you access to our corporate bank account. And you will be able to provide payments from our account to any of yours credit card and use it to purchase necessary equipment. For the firs time I will personally guide you through the first projects, and will explain you everything. Please let know if you have any questions or purposes. I will send you pre-contract agreement in a several days. Please give me the best time and phone number to call you on Monday.

So I replied I needed money wired directly, no checks and see what they say. I know it's a scam, I'm just going to ride it out the bail and put it all on blogs.

Anonymous said...

I got the same message as above, it's totally a scam, because they never gave US address, nor did they have a formal interview for handing a salary upwards of $5000 a month????????

Anonymous said...

I work for ISO for about two weeks. Everything goes fine.
Will keep you posted.
I was promised my first pay check will come October 1st.
Will post an update

Anonymous said...

I work for ISO for about two weeks now. Everything goes fine.
Will keep you posted.
I was promised my first check will arrive October 1st.
Will post an update.

Anonymous said...

I got the one and only paycheck form ISO. Cashed it same day. I assume it was the last one sine they told that i didn't pass their training or whatever it was. You are unable to handle our supply projects - they said.

Anonymous said...

I received a job offer by an agatha Couri and a partner named Hugo Bakken. Both claimed to represent Globex Supply Co and directed me to what looked like a legit website to apply. I needed a job and foolishly I fell in the trap and played along and am owing my credit cards over $19000. I didn't see the fraud reports until it was too late. Please be wary of any jobs offers in your emails