Thursday, February 3, 2011

Darnell Brown Finance Co-ordinator Book-keeper Job Scam

I keep receiving these official type emails of job offers that are scams directly to my inbox as opposed to them arriving at my spam folder or junk mail folder using Outlook. So in a way, they would appear to be more legitimate but they are still a far cry from being legitimate.

Below is the verbatim email from an alleged "Darnell Brown":

Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxx!

We invite you to work in our company

Personality is the prior policy in our HRM (human resource management). We really estimate personal abilities, self-confidence and willingness to have
a stable and worthy income rather than all kinds of diplomas and certificates.

Our company needs immediate opening for a part-time book-keeper/Finance Co-ordinator to join our team,

You do not need to have an office & this certainly wont disturb any form of work you have going on at the moment.

We need Responsible, Legitimate & Trustworthy Persons to work as FINANCE CO-ORDINATOR to assist us in processing & handling payments

Salary range is $500 - $3,000 per week, depending on individual abilities and willingness to work

Minimum $500 guaranteed salary (not dependent on volume of transactions).

You can ask some question on e-mail

Darnell Brown

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