Tuesday, February 15, 2011

McKenzie Wagner Vanessa Stewart City Account Manager Scam

And yet again, here's another job scam. Note the employee, allegedly McKenzie Wagner can't decide if that is her name or Vanessa Stewart. ALso notice how encouraged they appear after reviewing my personal information would make me a good candidate for this position. And a dead give away to the scam is the salary paid for the position. Check it out below:

McKenzie Wagner
to jasongnockery63

show details 6:16 PM (3 hours ago)

Greetings. My name is Vanessa Stewart, I'm the head of HR department of ICD, Inc.
Company we are working for, one or the largest international investor has a part time vacancy for City AccountManager position in the United States.
Your personal information has been reviewed and we decided that you could be a good candidate for this position.
The trial period takes place during the first month of an employment.
Must be US citizen.
Persons aged over 24 only
The ability to work independently with little supervision
Experience of basic software packages including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office etc.

- taking care of transfers that we get from our partners
- Administer and register numbers on accomplished settlements
- File credible financial reports
Salary: 42,000-62,000 USD per year + commissions and bonuses.

If you meet the requirements, please kindly send your respond.
Thank you, hope you liked our offer

P.S. The email came a very strange set of emails too. Just look at where you reply to as well. McKenzie Wagner or headleybuckovitch7@gmail.com . Those email addresses are a quick give away to how fake these job scams are actually!!

Also if you want to write me, my email address is jobscams6069@gmail.com. If you have any information or would like to share more for postings here, please feel free to send me a message. I welcome any feedback good or bad!!

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Jordaine said...

Just got this e-mail my self, word for word! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I received a similar one

Dear Jobseeker

You receive this offer in regards to in respect to seasonal opportunity on careerbuilder website.
A large industrial and investment corporation with well-developed and flexible organization with operations in fields is presently hiring employees into its financial department.
There is an available part-time job position of City Account Management Unit in our enterprise, that requires a individual. Our company, have a part-time position of CAMU Supervisor that oblige skilled individual to fit it.

The main requisites for this position:

- Age: over 20
- US residents only
- Distant work
- Available on the phone and E-mail
- PC and Microsoft office

Considerable income scale can go up to 5, 000.00 $ - 10, 000.00 $ a week. Bonuses provided. There is no affiliation fees.

If you meet the requirements, please kindly send your respond.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Here is the next portion of the email.
ICD, Inc. having considered your resume offers available vacancy.
Investment & Consulting Development, Inc. (ICD, Inc.) is the leading European mutual fund, private wealth manager and investment bank. In response to the rapid expansion of the International financial market, we are currently forming a closed-end pre-IPO fund aimed at private and institutional investors worldwide. Due to the high risk of such investments, the fund will only be made available to qualified purchasers as defined by Rule 501 of Regulation D of the General Rules and Regulations promulgated unde
r the Securities Act of 1933.

The essential responsibilities of the City Account Manager will be to ensure timely processing of investment and miscellaneous funds received from our US investors. You will be in charge of receiving money from our US clients into your designated account via secure electronic bank-to-bank Wire transfer, reporting on the funds received and forwarding them to our managed investment accounts per instructions received from your supervisor. You may also be required to obtain transaction status confirmations and
perform routine liaisons with your bank. This job is suitable for any responsible and numerate person; however, previous book-keeping or business experience is considered a plus. ICD, Inc. is an equal opportunities employer.

The position does not involve any upfront expense or financial risk on your end. All transfer fees are deduced from the amounts that you receive, so you will not be covering any business expense out of your own pocket, and no investment is required from you to occupy this position.

Your commission is calculated as 3% of the gross amount of client funds credited into your account and is retained out of each transfer, so that it is at your disposal at once. There is thus no need to wait for the payroll check. All tax and other withholdings are at our expense and you need not produce any documents to fiscal authorities. For more detailed information on this position click here: http://icdinc.eu/index.php?vacancy-camu

In order to qualify for the position, you must be a permanent US resident aged 21 and above. You will need to set up a business bank account in your own or business name (proof of business ownership can be required in the latter case) with international Wire transfer feature available on this account, or you can use an existing account. We encourage you to set up a separate account for this job, so that your business activities do not interfere with your personal assets in any manner, and also to simplify
your reporting.

To get enrolled for the position, you will need to complete a simple contract and fill in an application. Please note that some of your personal data is collected to verify your identity. By submitting an application you express your agreement to us verifying your background, including any previous criminal convictions, bankruptcies and tax liens, against public sources. Please note that your personal information will never be provided to any third parties without your authorization.

It should be underlined that this proposal is 100% legal and complies with the statutes of the US and international general and investment law, as well as the prevailing business practice.

Click here to submit your CV: http://icdinc.eu/index.php?resume

Vacant position code: CM8037

ICD, Inc. is a registered investment and asset management company licensed and supervised by the International Financial Markets Service. We are also a member of the National Association of Securities Market Participants of the United Kingdom.

To proceed with your enrollment or to ask any questions, please contact us by email specifying the position ID and your full name in the subject line (e.g. CM8037/Your Full Name).

Respectfully and truly your,

Laura Bernardi
HR Department of ICD, Inc.
London, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.icdinc.eu/