Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finance Corporation International Email Scam

Wow, speak and you shall receive. Namely an email with another scam of an offer for employment. I was beginning to think I'd never hear from anyone at all.

Here's the full text verbatim as I received it:

Chung Feyh

Good Afternoon !
Nowadays the crisis and world tendencies of modern life require from you more and more money to be spent per month, so the salary is rear big enough to satisfy all your needs. That is why the possibility of additional profit on monthly base will not be unnecessary for anyone and for you as well.
I'm Atis Slakteris , Manager of Finance Corporation International . I have found your resume and want to offer you the vacancy of "Account Manager".
For this job you have no need in initial capital. The only thing you need to have is your two hands, two legs and a wish to have more money.
1 - We do not require payment from you for anything, this is a job.
2 - This is a commission based job, you are paid based on performance.
Job description:
The major duty of the "Account Manager" is to process payments between our clients and our company via Direct bank transfer. You will get 5 percent per transfer.
Salary: 2500 dollars - 3500 dollars per month.
Benefits of this vacancy:
1. Flexible work schedule, work 3-5 hours per week.
2. Possibility of your career rising.
3. Home-based.
4. Ability to take unlimited vacation (without guaranteed salary).
Minimal requirements:
1. You must have bank account.
2. At least 18 years old.
3. Internet and Email skills.
If you need more information ...
If you want to apply for this job ...
Write here (e-mail) : manager.co.cr@gmail.com
Best Regards
Atis Slakteris
Administrative Director
Finance Corporation International

It's me again, your blogger dude. Anyone have any experience with this fake company? Feel free to post any comments you may have about the experience.

Have a great week!!

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John Donaldson said...

Interesting to note that Atis Slakteris is actually he former Minister of Defense of Latvia. Coincidence?

I think not.