Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Responding To Email Job Scam Offers Of Employment

Lisa and a couple of other people have posted comments about the blog regarding email scams for job opportunities.

Lisa asked if I had called the number for additional information. I have to say I haven't actually called the number for more information because I would not want my telephone number available to the person on the other end if they have caller id or another method of tracking incoming personal telephone calls.

My oldest sister had her identity stolen about five years ago and it took her three years to get her credit straightened out again after the FBI supposedly caught the people that were assuming her identity.

With a phone number, you have a reverse look up providing you a name and address, then you have internet services that will gladly give you lots of personal information about you for a small price. I just would rather remain anonymous and copy and paste verbatim emails of what I 100% sure know to be a scam.

It is my hope that others will realize what is going on and not fall prey to such emails and become a victim. I don't want to give these frauds any more information to go on than a google search shows a blog, any blog that seeks to discredit the intentions of a job that sounds too good to be true.

Also, I had my other blog showing the hightlights and commentary about the companies but unfortunately when I created this blog, the comments didn't follow over here.

I'm the same author as the other blog but I decided after being shown in my blog patrol stats as visted by a Russian county that it is likely the scammers might be on to my methods. I felt I should change my name, and erase what originally was my first initial and last name on the blog entries I posted.

Now I'm just as anonymous as the scammers but I'm doing it with a legitimate mission.

I do hope that makes sense for the change of tone and the copy/paste function on some of the job scams I had been receiving by email on a regular basis.

I don't think I've seen my last email with a job scam in it so I'll do my best to continue to get the word out about any other emails I receive.

I'd welcome any and all commentary on this blog as well. I do have it set to be approved before posting to keep spammers out but I do welcome others to take part and say things to be heard about job email scams.

Have a great week!!

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