Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vacuum Systems LTD Is Another Job Scam!!!

I still do need to post a comment back on the job scam offer emails I receive in my in box and certainly owe an explanation of sorts to "anonymous" who recently took me to task about the scams I receive in my email.

And for you Thomas, this entry is nothing related to your questions. I will try my best to give you my opinion tonight on your questions about Wobbits Incorporated.

You asked some fair and honest questions I will work on again, in my opinion only.

But before I do any other responses, case in point of a true scam in my view.

Look at the details of the email below. The note comes from a person supposedly by the name of "Lefty Rediger" emailed to my account at 3:47 a.m.

The name appears almost 100% false. There's no way this name exists anywhere.

Look at the details below please.

The company is called Vacuum Systems LTD and is supposedly a job offer in the USA.

Google search it.

Nothing showing up as a company when you search "Vacuum Systems LTD".

Employment is part time at a rate of "$3,500.00 month + percents system" as shown verbatim below with the contents of the email.

Sounds like most excellent money huh?

Wow sign me up huh? NOT!!

Although it rings of scam, I haven't been a victim of a scam on any job offers.

I haven't lost money but I certainly don't want others to lose money either without having an opportunity to have another set of eyes give a view on scams.

And gee whiz, don't you think you'd want to question the intents of an email like this before disclosing full information that can be likely used to steal your identity like work history, phone number, mailing addresses, colleges attended and the like. That's likely a lot of the information you'd include on a resume and part of that just rings of opportunity for having credit cards mailed to other locations and a wealth of crime to take place with your name attached to it.

Sure, respond to an email and inquire to the email address of "" if you wish. I'd think a legitimate company would have a more valid address than something this ridiculous. It doesn't even match the name of the person supposedly sending the email.

You don't have to buy into a scam to lose money and then be "had". You can expose these emails and scams for 100% exactly what they are.

I've invited legit companies posted here to respond to me via email on what the company is, the job is about, how someone makes money with the company, and all I receive back from some (if they reply at all) is to complete the application to be considered for the position.

Nobody at these companies address the concerns I have over whether the company is legitimate. I'm probably just wasting their time and they'd much rather move onto the less informed individuals.

Am I wrong for standing up for what I believe is fraud?

Absolutely not.

I do moderate comments but I welcome anyone to defend these shady practices if you choose to place a comment on the blog. I would appreciate you telling me why what I do is wrong.

Be careful everyone. Your livelihood depends on you being cautious.

Here's the full text and email as I received it in quote marks:

"Lefty Rediger

to me
show details 3:47 AM (13 hours ago)

Job offer from Vacuum Systems LTD.
Job Location USA
Occupation Employee Employee
Employment Part-Time
Salary $3,500.00 month + percents system

Vacuum Systems is expanding up-tempo! It's not just a chance but
the one which can make your career pleasant and worthy. We have
various positions all over US. You no need to move out , this job is
located in the USA. If you have all the requirements you NEED to send
us your CV for professional qualification. You will get our opinion
in 1-2 days. Hurry up, this job chance is limited.
The necessary requirements and skills:
1. Higher Education/College
2. 1+ Sales/Management desired but optional
3. Sound communicative skills
4. Must have MS Office installed MS Word
5. U.S. citizenship is obligatory
6. Full age
This is original e-mail letter from Vacuum Systems LTD."

Sorry I sound mad. I'm not really mad at anyone. I just feel I should be exposing these emails for what they really are in my opinion.

Have a great week!!

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