Monday, October 25, 2010

Kevin Miller Pound Group Inc. Job Scam Payment Processing Agent

I am very disappointed that job scammers have infiltrated and Yahoo Hot jobs. Now I am starting to receive email notifications that companies have reviewed my resume and now want to hire me for jobs that do not exist. Or these jobs exist to serve as a scam because there is absolutely no way I can make money like what is described below and with such simple hours per day and week. I really wish I had the nerve to send all my personal information to secure fake employment just to take these scammers for a ride, but for now, I'm not nerve ready. I'd rather just expose the job as a fake job and sit back and hopefully help others from parting from any good money they may already have in favor of scams like the one below.

Any thoughts?????

Below is the fake job offer:

Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxx,

After reviewing your resume online, we have decided to propose to you an employment offer to fill our Payment Processing Agent vacancy.

My name is Kevin Miller and I represent Pound Group Inc.

Our company is a well-known one. It was founded in the USA and deals mainly with recruitment of IT professionals.

The job we offer is a part-time position with a flexible schedule. On average, the working hours are 2-3 hours a day (Monday through Friday).
Our job requirements: Internet access and e-mail.

Successful applicants are offered a probationary period (30 days). All agents get unlimited paid training and online support. We evaluate the employees at least one week prior to the end of their training period.

NOTE: During the probationary period, termination can be recommended by the supervisor.

The pay is $2,300 per month during the training period + 8% commission from each successfully-processed payment. Total income is about $4,500 per month. After the first 30 days, your base salary will be increased up to $3,000 a month.
NOTE: After the probationary period you may request additional assignments or proceed a full-time.

If you are interested in the offer, please, contact me at for the details.

First name:______________________
Last name:___________________
Country of residence:___________________
Contact phone:_______________
Preferred call time:_______________

Our representatives will reply within 48 hours.
NOTE: This is not a sales position.


Kevin Miller
Pound Group Inc.


Anonymous said...

I just received an email notification from Kevin Miller offering me a job for this company and after checking this "Pound Group" on the website, I am totally appalled. Where in the world does this person get the audacity to involve himself in an innocent person life, while these people are putting their resumes on a trusted career website, only to have these people violate their private lifes? Why hasn't this person been stopped?

. said...

I wish I knew how to stop it myself. I know these fake jobs and scammers have accounts with and Yahoo's hot jobs but neither company I contacted by email is overly concerned about the fake jobs and scammers having access to personal resumes submitted online by persons looking for work. I guess they get money from the scammers for the scammer's right to see what persons they can try and contact via email to get their personal information to scam them.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I have the same problem and received the same email, but it's not the single one because they're popping in my inbox from over a month now... I have already claimed that to which is CareerBuilder's Trust and Site Security Team. the more emails from us, the sooner this problem shall be solved. I just hate my data are hacked.

osazeone said...

Yes you are correct. With unemployment high , these scam artist are trying to steal our identity and the little money we have. Kevin Miller needs to be arrested....

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how we humans can take advantage of each other. We are hungry and we have families to feed. How cruel and low have to be a person to play with our life. I am discusted :(

Anonymous said...

Be careful, some other websites ask you for a initial payment, etc, do not pay anything I have paid by mistake an annual fee to a company to promise to send out your resume to over 500+ top Banks and Corporations, I don't understant how this sites exits and fool people, people that wants to get a serious job to support their families.
This website is another fake site.
Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm always skeptical when job offers don't leave actual position - so I did a search for "Pound Group LLC" and found your blog. Here is the latest from Kevin Miller, found off of

Pound Group Inc. is on the lookout for distinct employees! As the position offered is an online job, your geographical location within the U.S. is of no importance.
This position will enable you to enjoy the following benefits within our company:
1. Competitive salary and commission;
2. Regularly awarded bonuses;
3. Promotion to a higher level in Company's hierarchy after 6-12 months of employment;
4. Flexible work schedule;
5. Possibility to choose between part-time and full-time employment;
6. Healthcare benefits.
To be eligible for this job, the following requirements must be met:
- Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
- PC with Internet and e-mail access;
- Age: 21+;
- Availability for work during morning hours.
If this is the case and you meet the above requirements and would like to know more, please provide your first/last name, contact phone and address as well as attach a copy of your resume and one of our HR managers will get in touch with you shortly!
Kevin Miller
Pound Group Inc.

People who pray on desperation make me sick!

Anonymous said...

I just relpied to this email and looked them up. Did I justmake a big mistake or they will call me an I will then tell them to go to hell and report them.

Khidya said...

I just got the same email....these people seriously have nothing to do!!!!!!!!!!!! dont understand how they can get in the trusted sites as the put our info up cause we trust them but apparently we cant trust anyone these days,,,,and its sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I just got this guys BS email too, I knew it was too good to be true and I waitied to see what the qualifications are and I got his reply eager for me to sign up. I replied back and told him to F OFF! I contacted a friend with a high gov agency and he will look into this prick ,

Anonymous said...

I got 1 from Kevin Miller also.... Now this jackazz is making references to money deposited in my bank account and me wiring money via Western Union!! I'm not stupid or that soon as I saw bank acct. and western union all types of bells and whistles sounded!! I'm inclined to play along and give him the Dept. of Justice's info!! Beware of KEVIN MILLER!!