Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More On WWW.100Assistants.Com Job Scam Related to Avalon Services LLC

One interesting thing if I may re-visit 100 Assistants at the website of www.100assistants.com, they list a physical address shown below:

55 SW Miami Avenue Road, Miami, FL 33130

Now if you Google search this physical address, you receive this which is actually a restaurant at this same physical address.

Strange huh?

And this company appears to go by another name but the exact same job description showning up online as "Avalon Services LLC.

Click this link to see what someone else has to say about Avalon Services.

I still agree with others who post comments.

The job is a scam and not a real job. It's only used to obtain your personal information for some sort of fraudulent purposes.

Please share any comments if you have any about this company.

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